When it’s time for a change, let the challenges begin!

When this 10,000 sq ft mixed-use buildings boilers were beyond repair and boiler number two failed, leaving them without a backup, the team at UMC stepped in to work on the solution. Looking to swap in more efficient equipment UMC teamed up with CHC’s Brandon McCann to specify the right equipment for the job.

It wasn’t easy, “Fitting new high-efficiency boilers in the place of standard efficiency equipment is always a challenge.” said Paul Donohue, Service Project Manager for UMC. Things like flue piping and antiquated building controls added to the difficulty. With no outdoor reset capability this left the heating loop running at the same temperature 365 days per year.



The Efficiency Upgrade

With two new Lochinvar FTXL’s in place and the onboard controls system, the team was able to attain an outside air reset schedule. These fire tube boilers bring up to 98% thermal efficiency and up to 10:1 modulation turndown, the burner automatically changes its firing rate as the building heat loads change. Compared to the previous boilers, the FTXL’s runs at lower temperatures and cycles off during warmer weather. This all equals savings, in gas and energy usage as well as money. How much? UMC is monitoring how much to assist the building maintenance team compare to previous years.


The Upgrades Didn’t Stop At Boilers

With an aging system, there are bound to be many parts, pieces, and equipment that need to be replaced. This project was no exception. To support the high-efficiency boilers, its high-efficiency match, the Ecocirc, from Bell & Gossett, a Xylem Brand, was a perfect fit for this project. In addition to some amazing piping work, a Metraflex LPDY Strainer was added, creating more efficient pump performance.


It Takes Team Work

With bringing an aging system up to date it takes a knowledgeable team to make it happen. From CHC’s Brandon McCann working with UMC’s Paul Donohue on application, design, and technical support to Tom Watkins, also with CHC, providing sales and procurement support they had the selections complete, but equipment doesn’t work if it isn’t installed. That is where the UMC installation team took over. This team consisted of Paul Schuler, Plumbing field foreman and Leigh Smith, HVAC field foreman, taking it to the finish line with their high quality and professional work.

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