Our Values

For more than 60 years, we have been the premier hydronics supplier in our territories, and that’s why you’ll find CHC represented products at the heart of better buildings that make up the cities we live in. We seize the initiative and work side by side with our partners to develop customized solutions to meet and exceed their expectations.


We are always available, always caring, and always striving to deliver the best products and services. We’re committed to building long-lasting partnerships and we’ll never let you, or your project, fall short.


We became the industry leader by never being satisfied with the status quo. We have embraced a culture of change and encourage employees to share ideas and leverage technologies that benefits our partners. Evolving with our industry has become part of our identity.


We build and maintain long-term relationships that span decades, not just because they make sense for bottom lines, but also because a reliable, trustworthy partner is vital to your project’s success—from blueprint to ribbon cutting.

Founded in 1957, our business has evolved, but our core goals remain the same:

Always deliver the highest level of value and experience to our partner engineers, contractors, manufacturers, and end users.

“Pumps are commodities. (So) why do you buy their stuff? Because you like the people you buy with—we like the people we’re doing business with. They took the time to develop a rapport.”

Joel Smith Engineering Technical Director, PSF Mechanical

Questions? We’re here to help.

We will never let you or your project fall short.