About Our Client

Infomart is a leading high-density data center, offering customizable solutions for some of the largest technology companies in North America. They collaborate and design operations that are agile in their scalability, and fit forward thinking business strategies to make sure a companies growth and changes never cause a hick up in uptime.



The Project

When Infomart was preparing for a major expansion for an existing data center, they knew they needed some upgrades to their systems to cool the server farms. The CHC Columbia team, lead by John Christensen, was brought in by the McKinstry Portland team to work to get this big job done. The project began with the removal of two atmospheric 8,000,000 BTU boilers and replaced them with one 5,000,000 BTU Lochinvar Crest Boiler.


Quick Work Necessary

The project was fast moving and needed a very organized, accurate, and efficient team to complete upgrades and additions of not only the boiler unit, but pumps, and expansion loops as well. Time was a big challenge and thanks to the manufacturers the team was able to get the products needed in record time.



100% Uptime Record In Tact

With Infomart’s 100% Uptime record since it’s start, keeping that in tact was a major goal for the team. With amazing coordination on all sides of the project the installations and upgrades were successful.


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