A D M Kelly Mechanical Inc Project

Travis Harp, Owner – Seth Cruse, Project Manager – David Anderson, CHC Business Development Manager

About The Location

The Archbishop Brunett Retreat and Faith Formation Center at the Palisades provides 55 guest rooms and exceptional meeting facilities in a beautifully secluded but convenient setting for retreats, spiritual growth and professional formation. Spaces to walk or run, paths through the woods and access to the beach provide beautiful, natural settings for reflection and exercise. Keep your eyes open to enjoy glimpses of local wildlife, including hawks, bald eagles, deer, rabbits, and sea life.


Time for a change

When the facility’s water heaters reached the end of their lives, facility managers wanted to update their system with a quality product that would provide years of trouble-free service. After a site assessment, we decided on two ideal products: the Lochinvar Armors with storage tank for the main building and a Bock Opti-Therm for the South Wing of the campus. We then contacted several mechanical contractors in the area to provide a proposal to Sam Keller, the site manager. After D M Kelly Mechanical Inc. was selected, we met on-site and came up with a plan for the removal of the old and installation of the new equipment.


Strong teams get things done

We had to come up with time frame where the facility had no guests, which is very limited. It was finally determined that the Monday before Thanksgiving would be the start date for installation. D M Kelly mobilized and started work on Monday November 20th 2017. We were scheduled for start-up of equipment Wednesday the 22nd, unfortunately the electrical work had not been completed. David Fredette, a CHC Service Technician, rose to the occasion and completed start up on Friday the 24th, a CHC Holiday!  David, a true team player, completed the work needed and performed owner training with Sam Keller.


Making customers happy is our #1 goal

Site Manager Sam is pleased with D M Kelly’s installation work and impressed with Lochinvar and Bock’s energy-saving equipment. The ABRC Facilities Director, Patrick Sharkey, reviewed the post-installation numbers with Sam and the two were impressed: they reported a 30% energy savings with the Lochinvar Armors and a 20% energy savings with the Bock Opti-Therm Water Heater. A true win for this one-of-a-kind facility!

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