Tamika Siverand brings 12 years’ experience, an approachable attitude, and creative problem-solving skills to her Hayward team.

It’s no wonder Tamika is such an incredible resource to her sales team–over the 12 years she’s been at CHC, she has worked in almost every department and taken almost every class our training institute offers–including Bell & Gossett’s training courses in New York. Before CHC swooped her up, Tamika was a purchasing agent for ACCO–no wonder she knows the industry as well as she does! What’s her favorite part? Helping people. She takes pride in helping her customers and her coworkers. Whether it’s a new staff, a peer, or a supervisor, Tamika is ready to jump in with an answer or to help find one when she’s not sure.

Outside of work, Tamika has two wonderful sons, her elder of which is on the autism spectrum. She is always looking for ways to enrich his life and the lives of other kids on the spectrum. When she’s not hanging out with her sons, she is practicing West African dance. She has danced with her team in Carnival festivals all over the world! Trinidad & Tobago, San Francisco, Vegas, Hollywood. She encourages anyone and everyone to join the rejuvenation and fun that dance provides!