Matt’s goals as inside sales manager is to nurture and develop the skills of the inside sales team to support multiple departments at CHC.

Matt has the honor of being responsible for one of the biggest growth departments at CHC’s Columbia Division. He has mastered the art of developing and guiding a team that will more than likely take on bigger and bigger roles in the company, which makes his team one of great importance to CHC. His 15 years of airside HVAC experience, branch management, and managing large teams, and his diversity in the industry from wholesale, inside sales, and outside sales in multimillion dollar territories make him a perfect fit for this position and great mentor for his team.

When Matt isn’t building our next generation of elite CHC employees, he clears his mind by fishing, camping, and spending time with his family. Don’t you dare bring Matt a mass produced beer to his campground though, he keeps his beers to craft beers, and don’t you forget it.