As the Vice President of Human Resources, Donna balances the needs of the company and its co-owner employees to create a successful environment for business and career growth.

Donna is an accomplished HR professional, with over 17 years of experience. Her work in talent management and strategies has helped to keep CHC ahead of the curve in acquiring some of the best talent in the industry and keeping them through employee development and cutting-edge benefits programs. Donna spearheaded implementing new strategies for recruiting, training, and retaining elite employees and continues to look at new and inventive ways to make working at CHC more than just a job. She also chairs the 401K Investment Committee and the ESOP Administrative Committees. Donna also leads the East Bay board and is a Bay Area Human Resource Executives Council member or BAHREC.

Donna takes her other “title” of Mom very seriously and is passionate about family. You can find her dancing and generally being silly just to make her family smile. To keep focused she enjoys running. It has taught her patience, discipline, and strategy. She considers it a bonus that it cancels out the occasional enjoyment of a sweet treat or glass of wine!