Robert has been in the industry for 35 years, with 27 of those being part of CHC. He began his career here in the Business Development department. He moved up to managing that department as well as taking on responsibility for the tech service department. In 2000 he became an owner of CHC (talk about loving your job!).  And in 2015 he was given the honor of being CHC’s President & CEO. Even with that type of busy schedule, Robert has understood the need to keep building the next generation of the workforce in this industry growing. With this passion in keeping the industry full of fresh innovative new “blood”, he has spent his free time sharing his years of knowledge by teaching classes on Piping and Hydronics at UC Berkeley, San Jose State, and CHC’s very own Training and Innovation center, as well as conducting seminars for various industry associations.

Robert is also a member of ASHRAE and ASPE, and has sat on the ASPE Board of Directors.

Though all signs point to CHC and the industry as being his main passion, Robert is an avid music lover. He is the owner of an extensive vinyl collection and even plays the saxophone. For those of you who may have played golf with him, his musical talent far exceeds his golf game.