Armando’s primary goals are to keep CHC’s core values strong and its employees and customers happy.

Armando earned a BSME from San Francisco State University and followed that with an MBA at Webster University. His experience in the industry began as a project engineer and manager in several fields such as comfort heating, aerospace, and building materials—a trio that has built a strong foundation for his work at CHC. He moved into sales and has accumulated 14 years of experience in this field before moving into the position of Chief Operating Officer. Armando enjoys working at CHC for its core values, strong employees, and reputation as a trusted partner.

Armando’s social life hibernates until Football season begins. His mission is to develop a medical procedure that would allow him to bleed red and gold in honor of his NFL favorite, the San Francisco 49ers. In all seriousness though, Armando’s true driving force is in creating a happy and fulfilling life for his lovely wife, daughter, and son.