As a partner of RMS (Rainwater Management Solutions), we are excited to share this feature on a project with a focus on Rainwater Harvesting. This case study shows what’s possible with the right equipment and the right partners in place.

St. Paul soccer stadium uses a rainwater catchment system to manage water resources sustainably.

The Minnesota United FC soccer teams’ first home game is scheduled for April 13, 2019, at the newly constructed Allianz Field. Located in the St. Paul Midway-Snelling neighborhood, the 346,000-sq.-ft. facility will offer seating for 19,400 fans. The area previously housed a city bus facility and redevelopment of the area, referred to as the superblock, encompasses a total of 34.5 acres. Redevelopment of the area surrounding the stadium will provide a mixed-use urban area with retail, office, residential buildings and pedestrian-friendly public green spaces close to public transportation.

The largest of these green spaces, named the Great Lawn, is directly in front of the main soccer stadium entrance. Under it is a large-scale rainwater harvesting system with a holding capacity of 675,000 gal. The system was designed approximately 19 ft. below ground to account for slope on conveyance lines running from the stadium and surrounding buildings and provide freeze protection in Minnesota harsh winters.

The project was a collaboration with various partnerships including the city of St. Paul, the Capitol Region Watershed District (CRWD), the St. Paul Port Authority, the design team, consultants, installers, system vendors and others. St. Paul and the CRWD are leaders in innovative stormwater treatment systems and have a program entitled, “Utilizing Rain as a Resource.” The premise of the program is to use rainwater rather than allowing stormwater pollution to enter surrounding lakes or the Mississippi …. READ MORE


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