Sunday’s mission is to connect people with our products and services, those connections make for lifelong customers.

As our Corporate Marketing Manager her focus is on growing our reach and impact in the industry as well as being the gatekeeper of all things branding. She brings a combined 25+ years of customer engagement, branding, and marketing experience to the Sales & Marketing Team. Before joining CHC she was launching a new brand in the automotive industry that flexed her event and tradeshow muscles and took her all over the world rubbing elbows with some of the most extreme racers on earth. Sunday brings the creativeness and energy from her days at start-ups where you jump in where needed no matter what your job is. The experience of managing and mentoring teams made for great long term employees, and a curious mind that is always learning and elevating her and the companies game.

Sunday loves spending time with her family and dog Harley. Her obsession lies in how and why people react to media, advertisement, or a brands position. Understanding why 1.4 million people like a kitten in a box video keeps her up nights.