Over 40 years in the business makes Norman a true expert in the field!

Norman (or Norm, once you get to know him) has been in the industry since 1978. It was the year he took his first hydronics class at San Jose City College. Something about the mechanics of it all was fascinating–he even kept his old instruction manual from that class, which is still a good reference even all these years later. After working in solar energy for a few years, Norm started with CHC as an outside salesperson, then was our Wholesale Manager, and in 2018 moved up to Manager of Commission Products. June of 2019 marks his 25th year with CHC! Although the industry has changed a whole lot over the years–he says water boilers used to be almost as simple as a backyard BBQ!–he enjoys changing with it. One of his favorite things about the job? Learning new things and helping his peers learn them, too.

Outside of work, Norm is often doing one of two things: watching hockey (go Sharks!) or planning his next trip to Germany. As an army brat, Norm was born in Germany and returned again in the 1960s for a portion of his youth. He has since returned several times with different members of his family to reconnect with the beautiful and relaxing German countryside.