As Inside Sales Manager, Dustin’s goal is to support his team in order to increase sales and provide exceptional service to both internal and external customers. s.

New to the Hydronic & HVAC industry, Dustin brings a passion for learning and collaborating with others. He has spent the majority of his career in the warehousing, transportation, and logistics industry, more than half of that time in leadership roles. Dustin is skilled in managing large teams of over 30 employees, taking ownership of quality and compliance, even in ISO9001 certified businesses, and managing operations.He is looking forward to working for and with his team and believes that creating a positive working environment is important for company growth and for company moral.

If Dustin is away from his desk for more than a few hours during the winter, he has probably grabbed his board and headed to Mt. Rose to go snowboarding. He hopes to one day surf some avalanches with his son, after he teaches him to snowboard of course!